1. If you have not completed a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) at one of our face to face classes or personal training sessions, you will need to do so on the online form provided at least 24 hours before the class start time. https://www.thepersonalfitnesscompany.co.uk/parq/
  2. Any medical or physical condition that arises after you have completed your PARQ where a doctor or member of the medical profession has advised you not to exercise, as a result, must be flagged to The Personal Fitness Co. immediately, and you should not attend any class until you have discussed your situation with us.
  3. Only the person/people who have signed up for the class via The Personal Fitness Co. website can take part in the class, and any recording of the class is not authorised, to protect both client safety, to comply with our insurance cover, and in line with GDPR.
  4. You are responsible for the safety of your exercise space. Please ensure your clothing, equipment, room to move and floor surface are all safe for you to workout safely.
  5. In order to manage numbers and bookings, all classes will be prepaid with booking.
    1. If you have an existing class card with us, contact Cathy separately to log how many classes you have remaining which will be managed manually. You will be able to book classes via this method. https://www.thepersonalfitnesscompany.co.uk/contact/
    2. If you prefer or are new to us, you will be able to pay as you go, or buy a special discounted block card online to reflect the initially shorter 30-minute classes.
  6. If a class does not happen for any reason that we have caused, you will be able to choose another available class for free.
  7. As you familiarise yourself with the Zoom system, please sign up for classes at least 12 hours before their start time and contact Cathy if you want a test run of your position, your devices position, the capability of your wifi, and the working of the Zoom system. If you don’t do this and have problems when entering a scheduled class, the class will start without you and you will lose that class.
  8. If you live in an area with poor or unreliable wireless connections, we strongly advise you to test out with us well before the class. If there is a problem, we may be able to suggest ways of improving your connection.
  9. If you have a managed physical weakness or injury which means we need to adapt a class for you, please contact the trainer well before the class start time to discuss. If we feel your issues can’t be managed in a class environment, we will be delighted to run one to one online personal training with you instead.