Yoga Classes – South Leicester

Yoga Classes – South Leicester

Rachel is an experienced, advanced, senior Sun Power Yoga teacher. Teaching a blend of traditional yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. 11 years ago and walking with a stick, Rachel came to yoga to help with a back injury. Having been told she would probably never walk straight again, she is a testament to the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Now teaching yoga to both adults and children, Rachel is also a Yoga Teacher Trainer and Assessor, working in the UK and Internationally. Teaching group classes or tailoring individual programs in one to one sessions, Rachel’s passion and belief for the benefits of a practice that is over 5,000 years old increase daily as she sees the results in others.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga benefits include: increase in core strength and overall flexibility, improves circulation, digestion and posture. Lowers blood pressure, pain and tension.

It can improve concentration and mental awareness, reduce stress and anxiety and bring balance to the mind and body.
Yoga is a wonderful compliment to weight and fitness training, which build muscle but can shorten and tighten them. Yoga helps to lengthen the muscles whilst building on strength through body weight-bearing postures, creating a less ‘bulky’ more toned lean appearance. Yoga also works many of the stabilising muscles helping with better overall posture.

For those wanting a more relaxed stretch, Rachel is also trained in relaxing Thai yoga massage.