Sue Frisby and Kettlercise

Sue Frisby and Kettlercise

(Sue Frisby in the Orange trainers)

I’m a Masters Track and Field athlete (that is over age 35!). Last year I began to compete internationally, representing GB in multi event competitions, my particular favourite being the heptathlon.

I reached the point where I needed to gain extra strength and so I began Kettlercise classes, making it part of my weekly programme. It fits perfectly between track work and technical training.

After 6 months I had improved my total body strength and conditioning. I noticed the improvement especially of quads, glutes, core and shoulders. Posture too was better. I became aware of the power and explosive strength improvement in my athletics performances.

After doing Kettlercise I went on to win the European 60m hurdles title at the 2016 European Championships in Italy, breaking the European record; and have broken the British record in the Pentathlon recently.

Kettlercise provides a full, fun workout in which I can work at my own level. I particularly like the fact that Cathy’s classes are expertly taught and guided, emphasising correct body posture, lifting and movement technique. It’s an effective exercise class which suits all levels of strength and gives results!