Online Classes – Your Setup

Online Classes – Your Setup

Taking part in online classes and PT sessions require the following:

  1. An internet device such as a tablet, laptop with camera and mic or smartphone. You will need to be in a place with a good broadband WiFi connection.
  2. We use Zoom meetings to run our online sessions. This is free to use and runs on most computers and devices.

PC or Mac Computers: Signup and Download Zoom for Meetings

Apple iOS Smartphones and Tablets: Install and Signup on the Zoom App

Android Devices: Install and Signup on the Zoom App


We will email a link to the online meeting (class) and suggest you start joining 10/15 minutes before the class starts while getting used to the system.

If you would like to test your setup in advance of a class please contact us to book a practice test.

In order for the instructor to be able to see you during class, you will need to stand at least 2.5metres from the device. Make sure you have plenty of space around and above you. When Zoom starts you will be able to see yourself and can ensure the correct positioning, and ensure the correct height and distance.

We have found that placing the device on the floor against a wall or unit facing you at a slight angle works very well or if you have the option of using a tripod (available here) and iPad or iPhone holder (available here), this is ideally set at just below waist height pointing straight at you. Another option is to have a laptop on a tv bench or laptop stand such as this one from IKEA.

We will specify any exercise equipment you will need, but for now, you will need a mat (available here) and a kettlebell (available here).

Room setup example using Tablet and Stand:


If you haven’t completed a PARQ in one of our face to face classes you will need to complete one online and submit it 24 hours prior to class. Submit your PARQ here.