Fitness fun !! Records to aim for…

Fitness fun !! Records to aim for…

So, many of you have done our fitness and health tests. What you may not know is that our corporate arm Ziesa provide corporate mental and physical well being around the UK, and the fitness tests that you do with us are the same as the ones we do with them on our 20 week corporate programs.

Our current program ended last week and we had 2 all time records broken in their final fitness tests. I couldn’t believe what can be done and neither could Grace. So we video’d the best in class.

Every senior exec on the program rated it as the best management training program they had ever attended, one that helped them through the stress and change of their working environment. We are very proud and also would love to share ( for those of you who enjoy a bit of a challenge) the all time fitness test records….

BEST steps in 3 minutes  = 207

BEST press ups in 1 minute = 101