8 weeks to Christmas !!

8 weeks to Christmas !!

So we know all those Christmas partys start kicking off in a few weeks time, so whether you desperately want to get into that special Christmas outfit, or if you’re feeling it’s time to put your wellbeing and feelgood back on the agenda – this is the month to make that first step. My own challenge for November is to lose 4kg – so I”ll throw my hat into the ring on this one.

Here’s the deal – we’ll do free BMI, bodyfat, visceral fat, waist measurements and weigh ins in classes and the gym all of this week (please book in though ! It takes 5 mins). If you want to really jump in – we will massively discount classes and personal training in November – £60 for 20 classes (saves £20) and £240 for 10 45 min PT sessions (saves £50) BUT you have to use them by the 1st December. You can put your existing PT or class blocks on hold if you want to take part.

If fitness and just feeling better is your goal, then we know from past campaigns that we can significantly improve CV, core, upper and lower body strength by up to 25% in a month, and if you opt for the PT sessions then we’ll start with a fitness test that will show you just that in a months time. If weight loss is your goal then it’s all about willpower and discipline. We’ll be with you all the way. I’ll be with you doing it with you. And when you succeed and lose 4 kgs in one month – I”ll throw in a free 45 min PT session to help you set your next challenge and keep the momentum going.

Thankyou for reading – thankyou for your support – and see you soon