2019 Class Schedule Explained

2019 Class Schedule Explained

If you are new to us, or new to some of the classes – let me take you through each service that we offer and explain why we offer it. Two things are very important. Firstly the best way to further your fitness and / or weight loss is to mix things up and vary your classes IF you can (and I know many of you can’t – thats fine!). Secondly – however frightening any of our classes might sound, all of our instructors are PT level (much higher than most class instructors). This means that as long as you talk to them, they can adapt all class moves to your level, and encourage you to start steadily. All of our members are so friendly and have been at the starting flag themselves, so if your starting fitness worries you – please don’t worry. Do what you can, and build up gradually.

Gym Open
You’ll see we have 3 gym sessions available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can book these like classes via text or email, and pay for them like classes – pay as you go or from your class card. If you simply want to pound the treadmill for 45 mins, do your own thing, or follow a bespoke programme that we can write for you following a one off PT session – then book this session.

LBT (Mondays 6.40pm LGS and Wednesdays 9.30am CL)
The title ‘legs, bums and tums’ can be misleading, this class is more like a big personal training session….and was by far our most popular class of 2018 and 2019 so far.If you do it all and stay with the trainer – then it will be a super tough workout. If you need to build hip, core and leg strength, flexibility and tone, and get a great CV interval workout – then start this class and build up your participation. We have endless examples of strength gained, injuries and pain reduced and cms lost from this class. Lots of fun too and good music. Please bring a mat.

Gym Bootcamp (Normally 7.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and 9am on a Saturday – time may vary but will be advertised on the weekly class schedule email)
These happen in the gym on Mondays,Wednesdays and Saturday mornings and are limited to 10 people. This is your chance to have a personal training session at a fraction of the cost (albeit shared), in the gym, using a mixture of fixed machines, free weights, body weight and suspension trainers. Your personal trainer will be able to watch your technique, effort level and need for adaptation in much greater detail.

Kettlercise (Tuesdays 7pm LGS and Fridays 9.30am CL)
Kettlercise is the founding class of The Personal Fitness Company. It combines CV training, with strength, tone and core work in a class that uses weights from 2kg to 14kg but in a non-stop series of moves to music. As the owner of the PFC, this is the class that maintains my fitness and body tone the most effectively. We have made this Tuesday class a little earlier in response to many requests. Our Friday morning class must be booked along with a kettlebell size if you need to borrow one. Please bring a mat.

Torch Circuits (Wednesdays 6pm LGS)
This is a new class designed and run by one of our most experienced and highly qualified instructors. It will provide an all over body workout, with lots of CV intervals and optimal calorie burn, in the big Sports Hall so in lots of space. At the earlier time of 6pm you can finish your workday here and head home with the evening in front of you. A self regulating class – perfect for any fitness level – you can work to your own level and target.

Yoga (Thursdays 6.30pm LGS)
It is really important to me to offer a class at the end of the week, totally geared towards flexibility, stretch and mindfulness. However hardcore we may be, and however much we love that burn of a fast workout, we all benefit enormously from keeping muscles long through deep stretch, and keeping joints and movement supple and flexible. Yoga is proven to provide the most tangible and measurable benefits to the mind and body. It addresses back, joint and shoulder issues, as well as digestive problems. Hence – Yoga takes priority over Pilates in this years schedule. We are really lucky to have Rachel taking this class for us. Teaching Sun Power Yoga (Vinyassa Krama style), Rachel is an advanced, senior teacher, a teacher trainer and a YMCAfit assessor working across the country. This class will also be numbers limited so book early and please bring a mat.

Hiit (Thursdays 7.30-8.45pm LGS)
Our newest class responding to requests for a shorter 45 minute intensive session. This class is very popular with clients wanting a later class that doesn’t last a full hour, and increasingly for people doing ‘the double’ of Yoga followed by Hiit. A circuits class with limited breaks, but still attracting a wide range of fitnesses as Kate, who designs and runs the session, can keep a close eye on our hiit newcomers.

We’ve built our programme to help you hit the ground running. They work around the NHS recognised principle that 3 hours of exercise a week is the optimum amount to really make a difference to your strength, bone density, fitness and flexibility, not to mention energy and mind health.

If you have any questions at all – please shout !