Class Schedule

LBT: Tuesday 11th August @9.30-10am

Kettlercise: Tuesday 11th August @6.35-7.05pm

Pure Resistance: Wednesday 12th August @7.30-8am

Swings and Supersets: Wednesday 12th August @8.30-9am

Torch: Wednesday 12th August @9.30-10am

Kettlercise: Wednesday 12th August @6.15-6.45pm

Hiit: Wednesday 12th August @7.30-8pm

Kettlercise: Thursday 13th August @7.30-8am

LBT: Thursday 13th August @9.30-10am

Yoga Relax and De-Stress: Thursday 13th August @6-6.45pm

Swings and Supersets: Thursday 13th August @6.30-7pm

Mindfulness: Thursday 13th August @7-7.35pm

Cardioblast: Friday 14th August @7.30-8am

Yin Yoga: Friday 14th August @9.30-10.15am

Torch: Friday 14th August @9.30-10am

Kettlercise: Saturday 15th August @9.30-10am

Cardioblast: Sunday 16th August @9.30-10am

Power Yoga: Sunday 16th August @4-4.45am

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