Online Classes – Your Setup

Home Exercise

Taking part in online classes and PT sessions require the following: An internet device such as a tablet, laptop with camera and mic or smartphone. You will need to be in a place with a good broadband WiFi connection. We use Zoom meetings to run our online sessions. This is free to use and runs […]

Covid-19 statement from The Personal Fitness Company-updated 26th March

Dear members As the Covid-19 situation changes on a daily basis, we have now moved all our classes and PT sessions on line. These are all now up and running with great feedback, as of yesterday. You can find our online schedule and how to set up Zoom here… I will keep you posted […]

5 Reasons to Exercise

5 Reasons to Exercise With so many reasons to improve your fitness in the right way, I’ve chosen my top 5 reasons to exercise. If some of them seem a little scary I apologise. I simply feel passionate about the many reasons to improve our fitness, exercise, and improve both the quality and length of […]

Fitness fun !! Records to aim for…

So, many of you have done our fitness and health tests. What you may not know is that our corporate arm Ziesa provide corporate mental and physical well being around the UK, and the fitness tests that you do with us are the same as the ones we do with them on our 20 week […]

2019 Class Schedule Explained

fitness classes explained

If you are new to us, or new to some of the classes – let me take you through each service that we offer and explain why we offer it. Two things are very important. Firstly the best way to further your fitness and / or weight loss is to mix things up and vary […]

Half and Full Marathon Relay Plan

The Perfect plan to run 3.25 miles ( 5 kms) of a half marathon or 6.5 miles (10.5 kms) of a full marathon. Half Marathon relay Here are 2 plans – a beginners plan to simply get round your 3.25 miles of a relay or indeed run a 5k race, and a super speed plan […]

Sue Frisby and Kettlercise

Sue Frisby Kettlercise

(Sue Frisby in the Orange trainers) I’m a Masters Track and Field athlete (that is over age 35!). Last year I began to compete internationally, representing GB in multi event competitions, my particular favourite being the heptathlon. I reached the point where I needed to gain extra strength and so I began Kettlercise classes, making […]

The joint question – protect or strengthen?

Joint pain - protect or strengthen

Sadly we all break from time to time. Our bodies are not invincible. At any one time over 10 million adults in the UK are suffering from the effects of one of the 4 major musculoskeletal conditions – osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and lower back pain. The most common symptoms of these are found in […]

Spotlight – Sarah

Like most middle-aged women it was time to up my game and lose the pounds that had been steadily growing around my waistline. I’m fairly active already but needed more to burn the calories. 14 months on and I’m 2lbs short of losing 2 stone thanks to Cathy’s guidance – 3 sessions per week, 2 […]



We are now coming into the run up to Christmas and one of our busiest times. Kettlercise is one of our signature classes – it burns fat, calories, improves muscle tone, CV fitness, core, leg and arm strength – all in one. It can also be a daunting prospect if you’ve taken a Summer to […]

8 weeks to Christmas !!

Christmas Expercise

So we know all those Christmas partys start kicking off in a few weeks time, so whether you desperately want to get into that special Christmas outfit, or if you’re feeling it’s time to put your wellbeing and feelgood back on the agenda – this is the month to make that first step. My own […]