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Online Classes – Your Setup

Taking part in online classes and PT sessions require the following:

  1. An internet device such as a tablet, laptop with camera and mic or smartphone. You will need to be in a place with a good broadband WiFi connection.
  2. We use Zoom meetings to run our online sessions. This is free to use and runs on most computers and devices.

PC or Mac Computers: Signup and Download Zoom for Meetings

Apple iOS Smartphones and Tablets: Install and Signup on the Zoom App

Android Devices: Install and Signup on the Zoom App


We will email a link to the online meeting (class) and suggest you start joining 10/15 minutes before the class starts while getting used to the system.

If you would like to test your setup in advance of a class please contact us to book a practice test.

In order for the instructor to be able to see you during class, you will need to stand at least 2.5metres from the device. Make sure you have plenty of space around and above you. When Zoom starts you will be able to see yourself and can ensure the correct positioning, and ensure the correct height and distance.

We have found that placing the device on the floor against a wall or unit facing you at a slight angle works very well or if you have the option of using a tripod (available here) and iPad or iPhone holder (available here), this is ideally set at just below waist height pointing straight at you. Another option is to have a laptop on a tv bench or laptop stand such as this one from IKEA.

We will specify any exercise equipment you will need, but for now, you will need a mat (available here) and a kettlebell (available here).

Room setup example using Tablet and Stand:


If you haven’t completed a PARQ in one of our face to face classes you will need to complete one online and submit it 24 hours prior to class. Submit your PARQ here.

Covid-19 statement from The Personal Fitness Company-updated 26th March

Dear members

As the Covid-19 situation changes on a daily basis, we have now moved all our classes and PT sessions on line. These are all now up and running with great feedback, as of yesterday. You can find our online schedule and how to set up Zoom here…


I will keep you posted of any additional information as it arises. Please feel free to ask any questions at all. Stay safe and well and see you soon. We are here to keep your minds and bodies ticking and healthy during this challenging time.

Best wishes and much love


5 Reasons to Exercise

5 Reasons to Exercise

With so many reasons to improve your fitness in the right way, I’ve chosen my top 5 reasons to exercise. If some of them seem a little scary I apologise. I simply feel passionate about the many reasons to improve our fitness, exercise, and improve both the quality and length of our lives. We only have one body and mind. I want as many people as possible to make the most of both.

  1. The cost of being sedentary:- “being unfit should be considered as strong a risk factor as hypertension, diabetes and smoking — if not stronger than all of them.” Dr Wael Jaber, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, US, following an extensive study of over 122000 people from 1991 to 2014. There’s a simple prescription – exercise.
  2. Stop ageing:- With no intervention, we lose around half a lb of muscle and 2% of our bone density per year from the age of 40. At 50, that accelerates to around 4% of bone density in women and 1lb of muscle per year. The correct weight-bearing regular exercise stops and even reverses that loss almost completely and at any age. It’s never too late.
  3. Mental health:- There are 1000’s of studies that demonstrate how exercise promotes positive mental health – feeling good about ourselves, boosting our mood, and improving alertness. It has an even more significant effect when we feel anxious, stressed or depressed.
  4. Sleep better:- Exercise and physical activity improve both our quantity and quality of sleep. Getting 8 good hours of sleep a day also has a huge impact on our well being both physically and mentally. Matthew Walkers ‘Why We Sleep’ book, even demonstrates the link between lack of sleep and the development of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.
  5. Healthy BMI:- By far the greatest cause of weight gain is calorie intake. However, muscle is much hungrier than fat and having more muscle burns more calories. An exercise routine will provide a positive anchor for good lifestyles and nutrition. Quality sleep suppresses appetite hormones and promotes appetite control. A positive sense of self helps stop the need to comfort eat. Exercise provides the best virtuous circle

5 Reasons to choose The Personal Fitness Company

If I’ve convinced you or spurred you on to tackle or maintain your fitness, then forgive me for reminding you why we are a great choice to support your journey.

  1. Reliability:- On the 13th September 2019 we will have been providing classes and personal training, sports and rehabilitation massages and nutritional help to our clients for 9 years. We’ll be here for as long as you need us.
  2. Quality:- Our trainers and class instructors are all at least level 3 REPS personal trainers, with the exception of Rachel our superb Yoga instructor who has worked across Europe, trained to the very highest level, and also trains aspiring yoga teachers across the country. We have male and female trainers, young and slightly more ‘mature’. Everyone holds full public liability insurance. We will always look after you and endeavour to fit around your needs.
  3. Flexibility:- Our PT and class blocks help you to commit to a meaningful amount of fitness, at a good price. However they are intentionally flexible to work around your life demands and holidays – you can use our class cards in any of our classes and take as many breaks as you need to. You can have personal training at home or in the gym or both, at (almost) any time and day.
  4. Results:- We have many many clients who have reported the huge benefits of starting and continuing with us. We have seen bone density scans and health checks show significant and sometimes staggering improvement. We have helped clients lose life changing amounts of weight, deal with life altering illness, disability and a huge number of them…of you, have been with us and stayed with us from the start.
  5. Over to you:- These are some of your most recent personal stories about your experience with us. Thankyou!

Fitness fun !! Records to aim for…

So, many of you have done our fitness and health tests. What you may not know is that our corporate arm Ziesa provide corporate mental and physical well being around the UK, and the fitness tests that you do with us are the same as the ones we do with them on our 20 week corporate programs.

Our current program ended last week and we had 2 all time records broken in their final fitness tests. I couldn’t believe what can be done and neither could Grace. So we video’d the best in class.

Every senior exec on the program rated it as the best management training program they had ever attended, one that helped them through the stress and change of their working environment. We are very proud and also would love to share ( for those of you who enjoy a bit of a challenge) the all time fitness test records….

BEST steps in 3 minutes  = 207

BEST press ups in 1 minute = 101

fitness classes explained

2019 Class Schedule Explained

If you are new to us, or new to some of the classes – let me take you through each service that we offer and explain why we offer it. Two things are very important. Firstly the best way to further your fitness and / or weight loss is to mix things up and vary your classes IF you can (and I know many of you can’t – thats fine!). Secondly – however frightening any of our classes might sound, all of our instructors are PT level (much higher than most class instructors). This means that as long as you talk to them, they can adapt all class moves to your level, and encourage you to start steadily. All of our members are so friendly and have been at the starting flag themselves, so if your starting fitness worries you – please don’t worry. Do what you can, and build up gradually.

Gym Open
You’ll see we have 3 gym sessions available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can book these like classes via text or email, and pay for them like classes – pay as you go or from your class card. If you simply want to pound the treadmill for 45 mins, do your own thing, or follow a bespoke programme that we can write for you following a one off PT session – then book this session.

LBT (Mondays 6.40pm LGS and Wednesdays 9.30am CL)
The title ‘legs, bums and tums’ can be misleading, this class is more like a big personal training session….and was by far our most popular class of 2018 and 2019 so far.If you do it all and stay with the trainer – then it will be a super tough workout. If you need to build hip, core and leg strength, flexibility and tone, and get a great CV interval workout – then start this class and build up your participation. We have endless examples of strength gained, injuries and pain reduced and cms lost from this class. Lots of fun too and good music. Please bring a mat.

Gym Bootcamp (Normally 7.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and 9am on a Saturday – time may vary but will be advertised on the weekly class schedule email)
These happen in the gym on Mondays,Wednesdays and Saturday mornings and are limited to 10 people. This is your chance to have a personal training session at a fraction of the cost (albeit shared), in the gym, using a mixture of fixed machines, free weights, body weight and suspension trainers. Your personal trainer will be able to watch your technique, effort level and need for adaptation in much greater detail.

Kettlercise (Tuesdays 7pm LGS and Fridays 9.30am CL)
Kettlercise is the founding class of The Personal Fitness Company. It combines CV training, with strength, tone and core work in a class that uses weights from 2kg to 14kg but in a non-stop series of moves to music. As the owner of the PFC, this is the class that maintains my fitness and body tone the most effectively. We have made this Tuesday class a little earlier in response to many requests. Our Friday morning class must be booked along with a kettlebell size if you need to borrow one. Please bring a mat.

Torch Circuits (Wednesdays 6pm LGS)
This is a new class designed and run by one of our most experienced and highly qualified instructors. It will provide an all over body workout, with lots of CV intervals and optimal calorie burn, in the big Sports Hall so in lots of space. At the earlier time of 6pm you can finish your workday here and head home with the evening in front of you. A self regulating class – perfect for any fitness level – you can work to your own level and target.

Yoga (Thursdays 6.30pm LGS)
It is really important to me to offer a class at the end of the week, totally geared towards flexibility, stretch and mindfulness. However hardcore we may be, and however much we love that burn of a fast workout, we all benefit enormously from keeping muscles long through deep stretch, and keeping joints and movement supple and flexible. Yoga is proven to provide the most tangible and measurable benefits to the mind and body. It addresses back, joint and shoulder issues, as well as digestive problems. Hence – Yoga takes priority over Pilates in this years schedule. We are really lucky to have Rachel taking this class for us. Teaching Sun Power Yoga (Vinyassa Krama style), Rachel is an advanced, senior teacher, a teacher trainer and a YMCAfit assessor working across the country. This class will also be numbers limited so book early and please bring a mat.

Hiit (Thursdays 7.30-8.45pm LGS)
Our newest class responding to requests for a shorter 45 minute intensive session. This class is very popular with clients wanting a later class that doesn’t last a full hour, and increasingly for people doing ‘the double’ of Yoga followed by Hiit. A circuits class with limited breaks, but still attracting a wide range of fitnesses as Kate, who designs and runs the session, can keep a close eye on our hiit newcomers.

We’ve built our programme to help you hit the ground running. They work around the NHS recognised principle that 3 hours of exercise a week is the optimum amount to really make a difference to your strength, bone density, fitness and flexibility, not to mention energy and mind health.

If you have any questions at all – please shout !

Half and Full Marathon Relay Plan

The Perfect plan to run 3.25 miles ( 5 kms) of a half marathon or 6.5 miles (10.5 kms) of a full marathon.

Half Marathon relay

Here are 2 plans – a beginners plan to simply get round your 3.25 miles of a relay or indeed run a 5k race, and a super speed plan to try and beat the fastest ever Leicester half marathon relay time set in 2014 of 1 hour 17 mins and 40 secs !

First things first…….

The one thing you do need to check up on now is your running shoes. When I ran my last Half Marathon, I remember talking with the owner of a renowned Leicester running shop, despairing about how many people were buying new trainers the week before the race. Bad idea. You do need well fitting, supportive running shoes – but if you need new ones, get them now and use them over the next few weeks. It will make race day a whole lot more pleasant for your feet 🙂

So without further ado the plans. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like more help. These are both 6 week plans so should start around the 4th Sept, giving you 2 weeks to get to the starting point. You can plan the sessions into any day of the week, but it’d be best to leave at least one rest day in between sessions.

Beginners plan – to complete 3.25 miles without stopping and in any time 🙂 Assumes you can run for 10 mins without stopping.


Week 1

session one – 8 min run + 2 min walk x 3

session two – 10 min run + 2 min walk x 2 + 5 min run

session three – 12 min run


Week 2

session one – 9 min run + 2 min walk x 3

session two – 12 min run + 2 min walk x 2 + 5 min run

session three – 15 min run


Week 3

session one – 9 min run + 1 min walk x 3

session two – 15 min run + 2 min walk x 2 + 5 min run

session three – 20 min run


Week 4

session one – 11 min run + 2 min walk x 3

session two – 17 min run + 2 min walk x 2 + 5 min run

session three – 25 min run


Week 5

session one – 15 min run + 2 min walk x 3

session two – 20 min run + 2 min walk x 2 + 5 min run

session three – 35 min run


Week 6

session one – 25 min run + 2 min walk x 2

session two – 20 min run + 1 min walk x 3

At least 2 rest days – then RACE DAY !!!


Advanced plan aims to complete your 3.25 mile leg in less than 20 mins assumes you are a seasoned runner and have completed several 10k and half marathon races.

My only real advice from the experience of training many long distance runners, is that cross training to build power and core strength makes a huge impact on race times, as well as mixing up the muscle experience which reduces the risk of injury from repetitive, impactful running. Food for thought. Similarly, you can develop incredibly tight quads, hams and hip flexors sticking to one discipline. Try our online 10 min sports specific Yoga stretch 3 times a week to improve flexibility and range of movement.


Advanced Plan – to complete 3.25 miles in less than 20 minutes


Week one

Session 1 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 2 – 12 x 400m sprints with 30-60 second recovery in between

Session 3 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 4 – 3 x 5 min fast runs

Session 5 – Easy 75 min run


Week 2

Session 1 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 2 – 12 x 400m sprints with 30-60 second recovery in between

Session 3 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 4 – 10 x 40 second uphill sprints walk return recovery

Session 5 – 6 x 300m fast runs

Session 6 – Easy 75 min run


Week 3

Session 1 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 2 – 3 x 5 min fast runs

Session 3 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 4 – 4 x 800m fast, 5 min recovery, 4 x 400m faster

Session 5 – Easy 60 min run


Week 4

Session 1 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 2 – 10 x 40 second uphill sprints

Session 3 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 4 – 6 x 300m fast

Session 5 – Easy 75 min run


Week 5

Session 1 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 2 –  4 x 800m fast, 5 min recovery, 4 x 400m faster

Session 3 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 4 –  3 x 5 min fast runs

Session 5 – Easy 60 min run


Week 6

Session 1 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 2 –  4 x 1km fast, 1-2 min recovery in between

Session 3 – Easy 40-45 min run

Session 4 –  5 x 600m fast, 5 mins recovery, 5 x 300m faster

Session 5 – Easy 20 min run



Full Marathon Relay (6.5 miles) plan


Week 1

Session 1 – 2 miles easy

Session 2 – 2 miles fast (aim to beat your training pace and set a speed target of half a km an hour faster)

Session 3 – 3 miles steady


Week 2

Session 1 – 2 miles easy

Session 2 – 2 miles fast (aim to beat week 1 time)

Session 3 – 4 miles steady


Week 3

Session 1 – 3 miles easy

Session 2 – 2 miles fast (aim to beat pb)

Session 3 – 5 miles steady


Week 4

Session 1 – 3 miles easy

Session 2 – 3 miles fast (aim to beat pace on miles 1 and 3, steady mile 2)

Session 3 – 6 miles steady


Week 5

Session 1 – 3 miles easy

Session 2 – 3 miles fast (as week 4)

Session 3 –  4 miles fast


Week 6

Session 1 – 3 miles easy


Sue Frisby Kettlercise

Sue Frisby and Kettlercise

(Sue Frisby in the Orange trainers)

I’m a Masters Track and Field athlete (that is over age 35!). Last year I began to compete internationally, representing GB in multi event competitions, my particular favourite being the heptathlon.

I reached the point where I needed to gain extra strength and so I began Kettlercise classes, making it part of my weekly programme. It fits perfectly between track work and technical training.

After 6 months I had improved my total body strength and conditioning. I noticed the improvement especially of quads, glutes, core and shoulders. Posture too was better. I became aware of the power and explosive strength improvement in my athletics performances.

After doing Kettlercise I went on to win the European 60m hurdles title at the 2016 European Championships in Italy, breaking the European record; and have broken the British record in the Pentathlon recently.

Kettlercise provides a full, fun workout in which I can work at my own level. I particularly like the fact that Cathy’s classes are expertly taught and guided, emphasising correct body posture, lifting and movement technique. It’s an effective exercise class which suits all levels of strength and gives results!

Joint pain - protect or strengthen

The joint question – protect or strengthen?

Sadly we all break from time to time. Our bodies are not invincible. At any one time over 10 million adults in the UK are suffering from the effects of one of the 4 major musculoskeletal conditions – osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and lower back pain. The most common symptoms of these are found in neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee pain.

Currently it is estimated that these conditions lead to 54% of all long term disabilities, and that their impact is set to increase dramatically in the future as we live longer, do less and eat more.

There is no doubt across all health and medical experts that exercise from the earliest possible age, is one of the most important keys to avoiding or at least managing musculoskeletal conditions that can become so horribly debilitating and even life limiting.

“Regular physical activity and exercise at every stage of life can reduce the risk of many musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis, back pain, neck pain, falls and fractures. Indeed, many of the NICE guidelines on physical activity to prevent disease or improve health are directly relevant to musculoskeletal health.”
(Public Health England Jan 2016)

It is never too early and what’s more, exercise is never too late….
Exercise in teenage life helps us produce strong babies with strong bones and joints throughout their lives. Exercise in our 20s to middle age reduces, amongst other things, the probability of hip replacement in later life by 68%.And in your 70s even, you can reverse the effects of 15 years of inactivity through 3 months of weight bearing appropriate exercise. It really is never too late.

Having said that, the earlier you can start the better. You are more likely to prevent conditions taking hold, you are able to exercise at a higher intensity and you are less likely to become injured.

So many chronic musculoskeletal conditions start with a recurring pain or joint weakness. A slow to heal injury or stiffness. What do we do at this early stage ? Joint pain or injury is one of the most common reasons for people to stop their exercise or training routine. Many doctors very readily advise rest, and in some instances – this is absolutely the right thing to do. However, in my wide experience – and backed by the links below from the experts – strength and CV work (in most cases), really should continue. What you do may change. Impact work may well be a bad idea, as may sit ups for a bad back or lunges for the knees. But there is always an alternative, and always a fitness professional on hand to guide you, and help you keep that joint warm, strong and active through exercise.

After the 3 links below – I’ve added the inspirational stories of 2 of our clients this year. Both have lost weight and feel so good as a result of their change in fitness and lifestyle. But both have seen their joint conditions and pain reduce massively or simply disappear as a result of their exercise routines. In many cases – this benefit will be the one that has the greatest value to them throughout their lives.




Sandies Story
I’ve been training with Cathy since January and I started off with no willpower to move at all. I was very lazy when it came to working out.
My back hurt so much and sometimes it was so difficult to do anything. I was waiting for an appointment at the hospital for an CT scan to rule out joint issues as it was so painful. I also had a lot of problems with an old knee issue so I was feeling down in the dumps.
After some pep talks and encouragement from Cathy I got stuck in. She encouraged me each session and made me work hard to get where I needed to be.
After all this I have lost 3 stone this year and I am very pleased. I am a lot more confident and more active and I have almost totally lost the pain in my back and legs





Katies Story
Originally I signed up for PTs with Baz because I suffered with back ache and wanted help with strengthening. I thought a change in shape and fitness would be good, but didn’t expect too much because I don’t really like being told what to do and drank too much wine!
Baz has been awesome. He varies the exercises, keeps it interesting and makes sure I’m eating enough of the right foods rather than cutting calories – I’ve never eaten so much as I do now. He’s been great at encouraging and advising me on how to get healthy and strong, without preaching – he still pushes me but it isn’t annoying!
I didn’t expect to get the results I have. My posture and strength have improved and so my back ache is much better. I’ve enjoyed it so much it’s impacted my diet, lifestyle and drinking habits (I still probably drink too much but it’s progress). So far I’ve lost 1.5 stone, I’m stronger and toned, I feel less stressed, sleep better and my body shape has changed completely. I feel healthier, happier and more energetic! Thanks Baz 🙂

Spotlight – Sarah

Like most middle-aged women it was time to up my game and lose the pounds that had been steadily growing around my waistline. I’m fairly active already but needed more to burn the calories. 14 months on and I’m 2lbs short of losing 2 stone thanks to Cathy’s guidance – 3 sessions per week, 2 of which involve weights..so I do boot camp and Kettlercise. And if you think boot camp is for strong army types think again..it’s not hard core, for all levels and above all we have a laugh and it works like no other classes have for me. A big bonus too with The Personal Fitness Company is the discounted pre-payment system where you only pay for the sessions you use. I can’t recommend Cathy, Grace and Co highly enough because no other workouts have been so effective and so much fun.

Sarah Cripps



We are now coming into the run up to Christmas and one of our busiest times. Kettlercise is one of our signature classes – it burns fat, calories, improves muscle tone, CV fitness, core, leg and arm strength – all in one. It can also be a daunting prospect if you’ve taken a Summer to half term break from the class ! As such – from last week we’re starting our very popular return to the archives. A different programme every fortnight from number one up to number sixteen ! It keeps the class new and fresh, works different muscle groups every fortnight which is so very important, and includes some nice basic kettlebell moves that even the rustiest kettlebell returner can master ! Classes Tuesday and Thursday evening at Leicester Grammar, and Wednesday and Friday morning at Church Langton community Hall.