What our bootcamps involve

Our evening bootcamps tend to run in the gym, and our Saturday bootcamp can either be in the gym or outside depending on the weather and everyone’s preference! These sessions are limited to 10 participants and are run by one of our personal trainers, so they are an opportunity to experience a PT session without the cost. In the gym, we use a mixture of fixed machines, free weights and bodyweight exercises, in a variety of intervals and circuits. If you have any weaknesses or injuries, your trainer will adapt the exercise to fit your capabilities.

Once we head outside, hill, shuttle and interval running play a bigger part in the session, but we still take weights out to include resistance work.

Class Times

7.30pm – 8.30pm
Leicester Grammar School

Gym Bootcamp
7.30pm – 8.20pm
Leicester Grammar School

Outdoor Bootcamp
9am – 10am
Leicester Grammar School

Please note that times may vary

If bootcamps are your thing

Text Cathy on 07711 149 727

With your name and ask to receive the weekly Monday class schedule

This will include any of the additional classes that we run